Using Glogster to Construct Knowledge

A glog is an online multi-media poster that can be used as a tool to engage students in the construction of knowledge. Learn to leverage the power of technology by using this tool to design a curriculum-aligned project that is rich with media. Use a glog to bring concepts to life!
  • WK 662
  • January 4, 2011
  • 4:00-7:00
  • Location: Central Office, 1st Floor Training Lab
  • 0.2 U97 credit hours

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4:00 - Welcome and Startup Tasks:

  1. Sign up for a account
    1. Go to
    2. Your nickname is your username. I suggest using your standard teacher username and password.
    3. Sign up for as many student accounts as you can get for free.
  2. Sign up for a BagTheWeb account
    1. Go to BagTheWeb
    2. I suggest using your standard teacher username and password.
  3. Explore Sample. Task: Name 3 things you can do with a glog.
    Submit answers

Glog on! A glog of glogs created by students.

Please be patient while Glogster loads. Click on glogs to view.

4:15: RtI and Universal Design for Learning Overview

Universal Design for Learning is an approach to teaching that integrates technology, differentiated instruction, and best practices in classrooms to support all learners, including those considered "at-risk" or who have special needs. Universal Design incorporates multiple and flexible means of

  • presenting information to students
  • providing ways for students to respond to learning
  • engaging students
Universal Design for Learning is a Tier 1 support because it is geared for all students. Glogster is a tool to support UDL and it is definitely a Tier 1 support.

4:30: Collaboration: Build a Glog Activity -

  1. Come up with a topic Fast Food Nutrition
  2. Develop Guiding Question Can you eat healthy at a fast food restaurant?
  3. Create a Bag of Resources. Install bookmarklet in toolbar.
  4. Use Wordle to identify key points
  5. Tour of Tools
  6. Discussion of Roles:
    1. Project Manager: Oversees everything and becomes the expert. Makes decisions. Ask the teacher questions from the group.
    2. WordSmith: Identifies key words/phrases from the Wordle and inserts Text Objects into the glog.
    3. Graphic Designer: Finds copyright free graphic images associated with the key words/wordle and inserts them into the glog.
    4. Video Expert: Finds a video to help explain the big picture and inserts it into the glog.
    5. Audio Expert: Inserts sound into the glog, music or recorded voice
    6. Additional: List your ideas...
  7. Build the glog
  8. Discussion of Critical Learning Opportunity

5:30: Design a sample project guided by NETSS standards.

Use the teacher toolkit template to create and link your project to this wiki project. Access the template by choose New Page, then > Glogster template

6:30: Wrap up

  1. Implementation plan
  2. State Evaluation

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