Using Glogster to Construct Knowledge

Edit this template as needed.

Basic Information:

Name: Marysol Sandoval
Date: 01/04/11
Grade Level: 5th
Curiculum Area: Science
Topic: The Body

Basic Lesson Plan:

Step 1. Develop a Guiding Question: (Type yours below.)
What are some of the functions of the systems of the body?
Step 2. Create a //Bag of Resources//. Use reliable and current websites. (Copy and paste the web address of your bag of resources below)

Step 3. Use Wordle to identify key points.

Step 4: Assign student roles. Choose from the list below or create your own. How many students will be in each group?
  1. Project Manager: Oversees everything and becomes the expert. Makes decisions. Ask the teacher questions from the group.
  2. WordSmith: Identifies key words/phrases from the Wordle and inserts Text Objects into the glog.
  3. Graphic Designer: Finds copyright free graphic images associated with the key words/wordle and inserts them into the glog.
  4. Video Expert: Finds a video to help explain the big picture and inserts it into the glog.
  5. Audio Expert: Inserts sound into the glog, music or recorded voice
  6. Additional: List your ideas...

Step 5: In cooperative groups, build the glog.

Step 6: Design a student evaluation task to take advantage of a critical learning opportunity. (Type it below.)

Step 7: Sample project link: (Please include it below)