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Create a link to your sample here. Try to link the words, not the web address.

Note: It is probably easier to complete this out of order.

Task Definition:

Task: Define the research task here. Delete what you don't need when you are done.

Information Seeking Strategies:

Task: Choose the tools you would like students to use for this project. Delete those that you won't be using. This is just a list.

Location and Access:

Task: Organize sources for students to easily access online.
  • Choices:
    • Create links to sources right here in this template.Please remember to use words, not just web addresses.
    • Create a new wiki project page with sources organized and embedded.
    • Organize and embed sources on your own blog, site or primary web spot
    • Organize and embed sources in a Google Presentation
    • Suggestions welcome.

Use of Information

Task: Decide how students will get information out of the source? Provide links and directions if needed. Delete what you don't need.


Task: Create a sample project
Possible products
  • Wiki
  • Glogster
  • Google Presentation
  • VoiceThread
  • Dipity Timeline
  • Other


Teacher Notes: What do you need to remember to be successful?