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Name: Sharon R. Pearce

Date: April 2011

Grade Level: 3rd-5th Grades

Title: Hispanic Americans of Note

Curriculum area: Social Science and Spanish


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Task Definition: Students will be learning about a Hispanic American, or a person from a Hispanic Country. The final product will be a 'scrapbook' page, which could be assembled for future students to read.

Information Seeking Strategies: There will be a "bag the web" list of links for students to utilize in order to identify appropriate people, and appropriate information.

Location and Access: My blog will have a tab with Hispanic Americans, and the bag the web links will be accessible there. Students will have some instruction in searching the web sites, first to browse for interesting people, then to search for the subject of their research within each site to find a good one, and know how to get a printable copy.

Use of Information: There will be a Graphic Organizer to assist with note taking and gathering information. Example to follow (use Inspiration or Kidspiration).

Synthesis- see Women's History on Pearce Blog.

Evaluation- For students- will be turning in their graphic organizer, all printouts used for research, and the final scrapbook page.