Course/Workshop title: Digital Leaders Virtual Classroom

Instructor’s Name:
Susan Oxnevad

Tentative dates and time:
June 13th - July 20th - Online Class
  • 15 hours of work time (See requirements below)
  • 24/7 classroom
  • Opportunities for personal collaboration/lab time on Wednesdays, must be prearragted

Tentative course/workshop location:
Online learning

Qualifications for teaching this course: Teacher Leader for Instructional Technology

How will the proposed course or workshop further the intent to improve core academic achievement in the classroom?
This course will focus on creating and publishing tech-connected activities aligned to our curriculum and NETS. The activities will be published and available to all teachers in a wiki.

Course Outline
Prerequisites: None

Suggested enrollment (minimum for tech courses/workshops =5, minimum for all other classes = 10 - unless the LLL Committee determines a critical need). What is your maximum?

Audience for the class (i.e. teachers, teacher assistants, secretaries, and/or tech specialists). You will need to address the needs of all audience members.

Credit hours (check one)
One semester hour ✔
Two semester hours
Workshop credit hour (three hours of class time)

Course Description: Using an online learning format, participants will build a tech toolkit of resources to use, then collaborate to created curriculum aligned lessons to be used to support all learners.

Method of Assessment
Rubric based on NETS standards for teachers and students

Classroom academic goals addressed (check all applicable)

Academic Achievement ✔

Tech Literacy ✔


Instructional Pedagogy ✔



Number of sessions scheduled and details of activities: Flexible sessions/online learning. Participants will put in 15 hours of work time. Drop-in opportunities for assistance will be available on Wednesdays , as long as they are prearranged.

Focus Area 1: Intro to Our Virtual Classroom:
  • Learn to use a wiki in powerful and efficient ways.
    • Wiki basics
      • Edit a page
      • Create a link
      • Manage wiki
      • Permissions
    • Using templates
      • Create a template
      • Creating pages based on a template, virtual copy machine
      • Templates available
    • Using widgets
      • What’s a widget
      • Types of widgets
      • Using widgets to embed
      • Modifying sizes of embedded objects

Focus Area 2: Building a Tech Toolkit of Resources to Support All Learners, UDL
  • Exploring Digital Tools for Finding, Organizing and Working with Information
  • Universal Design for Learning
    • Bookmarking
    • Tools to Ensure Internet Safety
    • Drawing and Painting
    • Copyright free sources of Graphics/Photo Editing
    • Concept-Mapping
    • Constructing Knowledge
    • Publishing
  • Discussion

Focus Area 4: Creating & Publishing Tech Connections
  • Stages of technology adoption reviewed
  • Models: Examples
  • Discussion

Focus Area 5: Discussion
  • Peer review of activities created
    • NETS
    • UDL
    • RtI
    • Technology Adoption
  • Discussion and Feedback

Course Evaluation
A NETS-aligned rubric will be used to evaluate the complete tech connections activities.

Participation Requirements
  • Participants are expected to create and publish tech connection activities throughout this course to demonstrate progression through the stages of technology transformation. It is suggested that approximately one activity should be submitted every 10 days. These activities will be submitted for peer review and modified based on feedback received in the discussion area. At least 5 activities must be submitted in order to receive credit for this course.
  • Participants are expected to actively engage in discussions and peer review of activities created throughout the duration of this course . The minimum amount of total discussion time logged should be at least 3 hours. It is suggested that participants check and contribute to discussion forums at least twice per week Peer review of activities is the biggest part of the online discussion process.
  • Amount of time spent in the discussion forums is automatically logged by the online learning system.

Text or other instructional materials students will need to purchase or obtain for course/workshop:

Class Synopsis (Promotional Blurb):
Digital Leaders... Want to collaborate to build some curriculum aligned activities to support all learners without being physically tied-down to a schedule? Interested in learning about new tools, or new ways to use them? Want to advance your learning to the next level of technology adoption? Join our Virtual Classroom. Open from June 13th-July 20th