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Name: Ms. Court

Date: 4-7-11

Grade Level: 7-8

Title: Researching Healthy Eating

Curriculum area:Technology/Health


Task Definition:

  • Students will analyze the sources provided to them on nutrition information through a concept map.
  • Students will create a Glog summarizing their findings.

Information Seeking Strategies:

Location and Access:

Use of Information

  • Students will create concept map using Inspiration.
    • The purpose of the concept map is to allow students to break down the key information.
    • Final image will be saved as a jpg, by taking a screen capture and placed in glog.
  • Modifications for students:


  • Students will create a glog displaying what they have learned from the readings. Students should add pictures and videos to their glog.
  • Student log ins were created for them
    • Your log in is d97firstnamelastinitial: I.E. d97joes
    • Your password in your ID #
  • To access glogster Click Here!