Name: Carolyn Baker
Grade Level:
Curriculum Connection:

  • Students will...
  • Students will practice Internet Safety through the use of avatars and pen names.

  1. Activity: Internet Safety and Avatars.
    1. Personal vs. Private
    2. Create avatars
    3. Create a pen name
    4. Store avatars in shared folder.
  2. Create illustrations (What will the conversation be about?)

  3. Teacher task: Set up VoiceThread
    1. Collect student avatars
    2. Log in to VoiceThread
    3. Create a Voicethread
    4. Upload one illustration per page to VoiceThread
    5. Create identites for students
        1. Click on your avatar
        2. Select Add an Identity
        3. Upload the first student’s avatar to create the identity.
        4. Repeat until all students have an identity within your account.
  4. Record student voices
    1. Students should work in a quiet spot on the Teacher machine, logged in to VoiceThread
      1. They need to click on the icon at the bottom of the page and Chose a new identity, then select their avatar.
      2. When they are ready to record, click on Comment, then agree if you get a notice asking you if VoiceThread can connect to your computer.
      3. Record, then playback, keep or cancel.
      4. Repeat until all students are done.
  5. Publishing voicethread
    1. Go to the Edit screen.external image MxeJSD8zfTrdA_NjptrE35bMNQUdkvC-63NhG1JLfChpR19mwj0qXbVza1Pwcau8suCfOcglX7AR-Ggy20aMvE7KNtaiA5om9vHL5tzhKlwWXbbBsQ
    2. At the bottom of the page, click, on Publishing Options, then select the following:external image -1y_HQs5nPToxmPeKUdCejc5aHLrV3TPwXcCT1bEx2A0DyJKvL3eL1yYIj2_Yp-E1hD7Wz00S2E7oH4YkPb1aTX11Dosq1TU1G3UVIUYXoJtXcIy8g

Tutorial: __Make a comment__