bagtheweb.JPGBag The Web Directions

Get Started

  1. Sign up for a free account at BagTheWeb
  2. Add the bookmarklet to the toolbar in your browser.
    1. Click on the Tools tab at the top of the page.
    2. Follow the specific directions for your web browser. Note: You can install it on your iPad or iPhone too.

Start Bagging the Webbagit.JPG

Once the bookmarklet is installed in your toolbar, you can easily bag the web anytime you browse it. You don't need to plan ahead.
  1. When you find a website you want to bookmark, click the Bag it link in your toolbar.
  2. A small screen for bagging will open. Here you can add the bookmark to an existing bag or create a new bag and add it.b
  3. Once the website has been added, you will see a confirmation screen.
  4. Continue to surf the we, bagging as you go.

Publish a Bag and Embed it

By default, all bags are unpublished. If you want to share your bag, or embed it in your website, blog, or wiki, you have to publish it.
  1. While on your BagTheWeb page, click on a bag.
  2. If the bag is unpublished, you will see an alert. Choose Publish it!
  3. After you publish your bag, you will see new options on the right-side of your screen. Choose Embed.
  4. The embed code will appear. Copy it and paste it into your website, or into a widget on your blog or wiki.